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5 Things Authors Miss on their Tax Returns #taxes

  In my real life I’m a tax and finance professional and I’ve been sharing my knowledge with other writers for the past three years. I find many people have problems with the same issues year after year. Are you … Continue reading

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Last-minute tax advice for writers #taxes #author

Panicking because you aren’t ready for tomorrow’s tax deadline? Here are some last-minute tips to make the process a little less painful. To get all the deductions you deserve and plenty of tax planning and prep advice, check out my … Continue reading

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5 Top Tax Tips for Writers #taxtips #taxes

As both a published author, and a tax preparer, I know exactly the worries and frustrations my fellow authors go through every year. If  you use tax prep software, you’re never sure what’s allowed or where on Schedule C to … Continue reading

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Still procrastinating on your 2012 return?

Writers, if you’re still holding off filing your taxes because you don’t know whether something is deductible, or you’re worried about self-employment tax, breathe a sigh of relief. It’s too late to sign up for one of my online courses … Continue reading

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I’m N.S. Smith, a published author and a registered tax preparer in the state of California. As an author I know what a hassle doing taxes can be, from knowing what you can write off–and what you can’t or shouldn’t–to … Continue reading

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